Bernier + Messier

Bernier + Messier (CA)

A/Visions 1
MUTEK 2010, montreal



Inspired by the noise intoners first conceptualized and built by futurist Luigi Russolo at the beginning of the 20th century, La Chambre des machines is a performance by Montreal sound artists Nicolas Bernier and Martin Messier, featuring their own custom built sound boxes, also called intonarumori. These machines were designed by Alexandre Landry, but unlike Russolo’s, which concealed the mechanics behind their mysterious utterances, these are open, with the source of the noise laid bare. Hand played, along with a few old analogue alarm clocks, the intonarumori are combined with real time digital processing, producing a desired tension between the realms of organic and digital noise, the tactile and ephemeral, the cerebral and sensual.


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