Alexandre Bilodeau

Alexandre Bilodeau (CA)


Hotel Opus 30/05/2007

The Acadian techno superstar first gained fame fashioning beats for hip-hop outfit Jacobus & Maléco, hailing from Baie Sainte-Marie, Nova Scotia. Born in 1984, Bilodeau has been creating rhythms and music since 1998. In 2003, with Jacobus & Maléco, he released the disc La gueule de bois, following it up in 2004 with Wois-tu ça?, a solo effort consisting of placid, dubby tech-house. He then contributed to J&M’s second release, 2005’s Walla Walla – claiming to have invented that title as well as hip-hype, which describes the trio’s pop hip-hop. Bilodeau, alias Leks, is known for his savvy blend of hip-hop, dub, techno, ambient electro and trad chansons – accessible, poppy tunage, but created via new technologies. He’s got his eyes and ears firmly focused on the future, intending to make music that anyone can listen to while ensconced in “a hammock suspended over an increasingly robot-like world.”



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