Nicolas Bernier

Nicolas Bernier (CA/QC)

At the core of Nicolas Bernier's research are questions concerned with the performance of electronic music and interdisciplinary work—which he nourishes by multiplying collaborative dialogues with the visual arts, dance, literature, and theatre. His research-creation is anchored mainly in sound, which he tackles in several forms: performance, installation, music concréte, live electronics, post-rock and noise improvisation, and video art. Within this eclecticism there is always the search for a balance between the cerebral and the sensual—the organic and the digital. A consummate performer he has travelled the world solo and in various collaborations, while producing over a dozen solo recordings.
His works have won numerous awards, including the Golden Nica (2013) of the Prix Ars Electronica Prize in Austria. Bernier continues to create and perform, while also teaching in the Faculty of Music at Université de Montréal where he is an assistant professor and the Director of the Sound / Matter Laboratory.

Play 2
MUTEK 2013, montreal

Monument-National - Studio Hydro-Québec (Basement)

Frequencies is the second installment in Montreal native Nicolas Bernier’s avant-garde audiovisual series, in which a performer must tamper with sound waves and light bursts in real time – like a sculptor would carve out his mold. Just as impressive as Frequencies (A) was at simultaneously rendering sound visible and a stream of light audible, Frequencies finds the performer processing sequences of light and purely synthetic sounds with extreme precision – resulting in intermittent light blasts within small acrylic structures. Whether he’s hatching inventive sound installations, musique concrète or live video art, the multidisciplinary Bernier is ever mindful of striking a delicate balance between intellect and sensuality, and between organic sounds and digital processing. Having showcased his work at Barcelona’s Sónar, Berlin’s Transmediale, Austria’s Ars Electronica and MUTEK 2008, Frequencies will be presented in international premiere.



Theatre du Nouveau Monde

WORLD DEBUT Montreal native Nicolas Bernier went back to school in order to dedicate himself to his first love - digital creation. His eagerness for breaking new ground led him to live electronic music, installation and video art, as well as electro-acoustic composition, which he studied at the University of Montreal. At the heart of this eclecticism is a balance between intellect and sensuality, and between organic sound sources and digital processing. His compositions meld handmade beats with acoustic guitars and synthesizers, soothing pianos with harsh bleeps; the result is beautifully sculpted music. Nicolas works under his own name and as part of Milliseconde Topographie, an audio-visual duo with composer Delphine Measroch. Bernier is also the creator and creative force behind the artist collective Ekumen. This performance of 'Les Arbres' features: Violin by Pierre-Olivier Gaudreau / Violincello by Catherine Le Saunier / Vidéo by urban9

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