Aidan Baker


Hotel Opus 01/06/2007

Well-known multi-instrumentalist musician and writer Aidan Baker is based in Toronto. Classically trained in flute and self-taught on guitar, drums and a variety of other instruments, he performs regularly in and around Toronto and has also played in New York City, Montreal, Chicago and San Francisco, as well as making the rounds of festivals such as The Om Festival, Mutek, SXSW and the Distillery Jazz Festival. Baker has released more than thirty full albums on various independent labels from around the world, in addition to several EPs, and has also appeared on compilations and as part of collaborations. Side projects include Nadja, Mnemosyne and ARC. As a solo artist, Aidan Baker “explores the deconstructive sonic possibilities of the electric guitar as a primary sound source, creating music that ranges from experimental to post-rock to contemporary classical.” He has composed for the Penderecki String Quartet as well as the Uxbridge Chamber Choir.

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