Martin Tétreault & Michel Langevin

Martin Tétreault & Michel Langevin (CA)

The duo of Michel Langevin, charismatic drummer of legendary metal group Voivod, and electrifying improviser Martin Tétreault takes the form of a dialogue. This friendly confrontation between two free thinkers gathers two giants of actual music, inhabited by intense and percussive sounds.

This duo was born as the result of an invitation from MINUTE, the creative network for media arts practitioners in image and sound that specializes in artistic collaboration.  For MUTEK_10, Michel Langevin and Martin Tétreault interpret a work produced by MINUTE, thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts.

Montréal-based Martin Tétreault is an internationally renowned turntablist who has been working on vinyl cut-ups and electronics for more than two decades. He records and performs primarily in collaboration, most often with other improv luminaries, including Otomo Yoshihide, Ikue Mori, Kevin Drumm and others.  Tétreault has released solo and collaborative works on Touch, Ambiances Magnétiques, Estwhile, and Oral. among others, and has toured extensively.  Tétreault is known for his use of custom-adjusted vintage turntables, often with multiple extra knobs, tone arms and switches.

Drummer Michel Langevin is one of Canada's best-known and most respected metal musicians. As founding and most long-standing member of influential metal legend Voivod, Langevin (aka Away) is behind Voivod's sci-fi/fantasy concept albums, lyrics and artwork. He is a member of two other bands, Kosmos, inspired by 70s Kosmische Musik, and Les Ékorchés, an acoustic thrash metal band who released their self-titled debut in 2007.

A/VISIONS 2: Split Personalities


Martin Tétreault is an improvisational turntablist of international notoriety in the field of visual arts. His career is punctuated by numerous releases and performances with diverse collaborators such as Diane Labrosse, René Lussier, Jean Derome, Michel F Côté, I8U, Otomo Yoshihide, Kevin Drumm, Xavier Charles, Ikue Mori, and many others.  At work since 1985, Tétreault’s methods these days explore the intrinsic qualities of the turntable: motoric noise and sonic excess.  His many recordings can be found on such labels as Oral, Erstwhile, Vand'oeuvre and Japanimprov. Other albums have come out as Ambiances Magnétiques  collaborations, among them works with Michel f. Côté, René Lussier, Diane Labrosse, Robert Marcel Lepage, Jean Derome, and Joane Hétu.

Michel Langevin is the longtime drummer of legendary French Canadian metal quartet Voivod, who over the course of 13 albums have established themselves as one of the most bizarre and brilliant offerings of the extreme-music scene, capable of blending the best elements of Pink Floyd and Metallica into one instantly identifiable sound. An eclectic collaborator and graphic designer, Langevin has in recent year spent time performing alongside Martin Tétreault in a tightly orchestrated partnership of mutant turntables, noise, and extreme drumming.


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