Hugues Clément (CA)

Between sound/image and digital/organic universes, new media artist and motion designer Hugues Clément explores a dichotomy-dismantling approach, as showcased at various events around the world, including MUTEK, Igloofest, and Circle of Light Moscow International Festival (RU). Clément comes at VJing, mapping, design and installation work with a playful bent for digital manipulations and abstracted juxtapositions. After winning last year’s EM15 audiovisual contest as well as the SAT’s Bourse Euterke emerging VJ contest back in 2011, the light and sound savant returns to MUTEK with two new, composerly ventures: audiovisual collage Dichotomie, as well as a VJ set exploring the abstract possibilities of 3D modelling. Performing live at NOCTURNE MUTEK 4

MUTEK 2015, montreal


Since winning the SAT’s Bourse Euterke contest as an emerging VJ in 2011, and last year’s EM15 audiovisual contest, motion designer and audiovisual artist Hugues Clément has further refined his very singular, dichotomy dismantling approach to VJing through performances at MUTEK and showcased works around the world. Informed by studies in electroacoustics and compositional work for the theatre and contemporary dance, Clément comes at VJing with scrupulous artistic deliberations and a playful bent for abstracted graphic juxtapositions. From decontextualized caverns and constructed Icelandic landscapes to a myriad of disparate dancing forms, it’s all fair game for Clément, whose digitally manipulated collages of contradictory forces continually beckon our attention. Clément returns to MUTEK this year with Dichotomie, an audiovisual collage of abstracted landscapes, portraits and sound samples, explored through glitch and 3D modelling interventions.

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