Neon Tundra

Neon Tundra (CA)

Expérience 4
MUTEK 2018, montreal

Esplanade de la Place des Arts

Through a snowstorm of VHS fuzz, Neon Tundra paints a downtempo landscape with broken field recordings, minimal beats, and incandescent synths. Inspired by the Canadian wilderness and the unobtrusive grace of electroacoustics, Neon Tundra’s micro-lo-fi melodies invite you to take a scenic ride across pastel-powered mountains and magnetically hazy tempos.

The experimental electronic moniker of multi-media artist Nikolas Tsonis, Neon Tundra was born when Tsonis started producing arresting folktronic compositions after studying experimental film techniques at York University. He found the process to be more in sync with his approach to filmmaking: non-narrative and process-based, with an emphasis on texture and atmosphere. Since he began crafting gently undulating sonic landscapes as Neon Tundra, he’s merged his two creative outlets into a geometrically engrossing A/V performances, pairing ethereal melodies with kaleidoscopic, symmetry-charged visuals.

Tsonis will take patrons on one of his soothing journeys along a synth-coated coastline for his MUTEK debut in the great outdoors of the Esplanade de la Place des Arts.


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