• Michael Trommer & Nokami
  • Frank Bretschneider
  • Mateo Murphy & Ewerx


For the grand finale, MUTEK_IMG co-presents with Elektra a performance by a pioneer of the digital art and music scene, Frank Bretschneider.  He'll be joined by Mateo Murphy and Ewerx performing Dust, and Nokami and Trommer's Greyfield/Wavefield,  which debuted at MUTEK last year, with its dazzling data visualizations and sonic accompaniment.
Nokami / Trommer (CA) : Greyfield / Wavefield - Performance A/V
Frank Bretschneider (DE) : SUPER.TRIGGER - Performance A/V
Mateo Murphy / Ewerx (CA) : Dust - Performance A/V
21:00 - 23:45

Tickets: $12.00 in advance // $17.00 at the door (tx & sc included)


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