EXTRA_VISIONS 2 emphasizes a specially designed environment by Baillat, Cardell & fils and APM 300, in which their versatile scenography converges with a variety of live video, light and musical articulations,  by Oli Sorenson, TinD+Pulses and Pheek+Diagraf, invoking immersive and expansive sensations. Closing out the bill is Brooklyn post-noise house producer, ITAL, whose heady blending of groove and texture will be enhanced with visual stylings from Baillat, Cardell & fils with APM 300.
Oli Sorenson (CA) : Aliases - Performance A/V
TiND / Pulses (CA) : Subversion - Performance A/V
Pheek / Diagraf (CA) : Climat - Performance A/V
ITAL (US) - Live set
Baillat Cardell & fils / APM 300 (CA) - VJ set

21:00 - 01:15

PHI Centre - Space A
407 St-Pierre Street
Montréal, Canada

Tickets: $12.00 in advance, $17.00 at the door


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