• Dominique T. Skoltz
  • Clinker
  • Robin Dupuis
  • Manuel Chantre
  • Yan Breuleux
  • Le Révélateur
  • Maxime Corbeil-Peron
  • Sean Caruso


The kickoff concert cascades from themes and content explored earlier in the day. Interspersed with screen work presentations, the evening explores performative manifestations of image and sound. Video by: Dominique Skoltz (y2o), Robin Dupuis (Lixiviat), Yan Breuleux (Tempêtes), and Maxime Corbeil-Perron (Ghostly)  - and live audiovisual performances by Clinker with Peregrination,  Blur rouge from Manuel Chantre, Le Révélateur, and Bardos by Sean Caruso. 


Dominique T. Skoltz (CA) : y2o - Projection
Clinker (CA) : Peregrination - Performance A/V
Robin Dupuis (CA) : Lixiviat - Projection
Manuel Chantre (CA) : Blur rouge - Performance A/V
Yan Breuleux (CA) : Tempêtes - Composition A/V
Le Révélateur (CA) - Performance A/V
Maxime Corbeil-Perron (CA) : Ghostly - Projection
Sean Caruso (CA) : Bardos - Performance A/V
20:30 - 00:13

Tickets: $12.00 in advance // $17.00 at the door (tx & sc included)


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