Join us for the second edition of MUTEK_IMG, presented in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Montréal and the Phi Centre! Conceived as a complementary event to our annual festival in the spring, MUTEK_IMG is a forum that emphasizes visuality in the digital creation milieu and rallies both artists and professionals. 

As the centrepiece of this edition, Virtual Reality (VR) is considered the next platform in experiential technology, and brings together visionary research, innovative technologists, multimedia artistic creators and adventurous production and distribution companies. Its rise as a creative, technological and industry force in the last year has been meteoric.

Mixing paid and free activities over 3 days at the Phi Centre, MUTEK_IMG offers an introduction to the fundamentals of VR for the general public and free access to more than 20 new works of VR cinema and experience.

For professionals and those interested in a deeper more comprehensive dive into Virtual Reality, MUTEK_IMG offers the VR SALONdeveloped with Mediabiz International and presented in collaboration with RPM (Regroupement des producteurs multimédia). It includes the KALEIDOSCOPE EVENT, an exclusive encounter with artists involved in the MUTEK_IMG VR exhibition and a rendezvous with Montréal-based VR startups, as well as a day long conference encompassing a series of talks, presentations and discussions. 

As with the first edition of MUTEK_IMG, the rest of this year’s program embraces innovative formats of creation and intervention, like mapping, hacking, and interactive art. Several international speakers including German artists JULIAN OLIVER and MATTHIAS STRUBEL (PirateBox), will be leading workshops thanks to a special partnership with the Goethe-Institut Montréal, and participating in a panel discussion on the topic of identity surveillance and alternative networks, presented in collaboration with Eastern Bloc.

Other activities focus on the challenges of creating digital art works in public space, including a new collaboration between the Quartier des spectacles and the National Film Board of Canada who will announce a new call for international and exportable projects during MUTEK_IMG.

You can join the MUTEK_IMG Facebook event here.


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