1:30 Mins | Live-Action 360 Video

A man visits a female archer, and chaos ensues. Created by Jessica Kantor, Matt Sundin, and Henrik Christoffersson.


Jessica Kantor is an LA based producer and interactive storyteller creating work and interactive marketing for Benenson Productions, Kluge Interactive, Wondros, amongst others. Jessica sits on the board for PossEble Theatre Company and recently completed a short VR film called THE ARCHER which is on

Previously in her role at Sundance Institute, Jessica concepted and created over 200 works. Including: MEET THE ARTIST (a digital docu-series), Live@Sundance (an hour-long live broadcast from Sundance Film Festival) and ART OF STORYTELLING (a multimedia docu-series that  utilizes new technology, video and written content for a unique view in the craft of Sundance Filmmakers).

Currently Jessica is producing a serial podcast for female entrepreneurs, and continuing to experiment with virtual reality storytelling.


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