The Last Mountain - AVRAM DODSON (US)

2 Mins  |  Real-Time Animation

The Last Mountain is an original story about a rock creature in search of companionship, written and directed by Avram Dodson. It sought to answer a couple key questions about translating cinematic conventions to this new medium: do camera cuts work in a 360 degree environment when the viewer is in control? Can the viewer's gaze be effectively directed? Is it possible to have the camera move without causing nausea?

A glimpse of The Last Mountain here.


Avram is currently producing his thesis film for Columbia University's MFA Film program. His previous film, Pistachio Milk, received the Golden Starfish for Student Films at the Hampton International Film Festival and Best Student Short at Austin Film Festival. His work has also screened at South by Southwest. Prior to film, he received bachelor's degrees in chemistry and computer science from the University of Texas in Austin.


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