2:30 Mins  |  Live-Action 360 Video

Uplift tells the story we've all wonder about. What happens to a balloon when it floats away, what does it see, and where does it go? We developed Uplift to show off our skills and technology of our aerial 360 degree capture system the EyeFly.


Lee Bledsoe has spent over 10 years working on AAA video games as an animator and special FX artist. In 2013 Lee first experienced the VR revolution with the Oculus DK1. While the Oculus hardware and experiences were crude, his mind was set racing with ideas as he saw the opportunities to merge his vast game development experience with his passion for telling stories and film making into a new, immersive format unlike anything before it in the arena of personal cinema.

Armed with two dozen GoPros he and his team at ‘Immersion.reallife’ production studio, have spent the last 2 years developing his 360 degree immersion capture technology and exploring storytelling in VR. “We put our viewers into someone else’s shoes, as if they were there, part of the story, experiencing the journey from a uniquely personal point of view.


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