Bright Shadows - MICHAEL CATALANO (US)

11 Mins  |  Pre-Rendered 180 Animation

Inspired by the abstract visual music animators of the early to mid-1900's, Bright Shadows is an 11 minute computer generated animation of dynamic, colorful abstractions choreographed to instrumental music. It is comprised of seven distinct movements with unique emotional tones that are brought to life with high-quality lighting and shading techniques and rendered in stereoscopic 3D.


Michael is an upcoming graduate of Texas A&M with a masters in visualization. His thesis project, Bright Shadows, is an 11 minute animation that choreographs colorful abstractions to instrumental music. Inspired by the Visual Music artists of the early 20th century, Bright Shadows is part of a long tradition of visual art that aspires to the purity of music. “My motivation is to create visuals that evoke the feelings of the music,” say Michael. Michael is currently a 3D effects animator at Disney Animation Studios.


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