The Future of VR - PHILIPP WENNING - Producer (DE)

4 min

Artistic Director: Philipp Wenning

Enter an interactive time capsule that takes you through the history of the technology as well as a look tot the future of VR in an 360° Esher-like space.
Meet the creators who have been working in the field of VR for more than two decades and can be considered real pioneers in this field.

« Future of VR » features:
Marc Bolas (Director for Mixed Reality Research, USC Institute for Creative Technologies)
Eric Joris (Artistic Director, Crew)
Kern Perlin (Professor of Computer Science, NYU Media Research Lab)
John Root (Co-Founder Magic Leap and VR LA)
Paul Raphael (Co-Founder, Director Felix&Paul Studios)
Mona Hamdy (ProjectLead, Worldbuilding Institute)
Cory Strassburger (Co-Founder, Kite & Lightning)


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