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Six Propositions for Interactive Architectural Mapping
Presentations by the teams

Earlier this year, the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership in collaboration with MUTEK and MAPP_MTL invited creators and artists to imagine an innovative interactive mapping project for the building façade next to Saint-Laurent metro station in Montréal, a site passed by thousands of people every day. Six semi-finalists were selected and will receive a grant to develop a prototype. At MUTEK_IMG these prototypes will be presented during two screening sessions on Wednesday and Thursday night in the Quartier des Spectacles. The six teams will also talk about their artistic concepts and innovative use of technology on Thursday afternoon at the Phi Centre. The jury will announce the three finalists shortly after, during the cocktail. The final stage of the competition will take place in October during MAPP_MTL.

Thomas Ouellet Fredericks (CA) La légèreté de l’être
Fred Trétout & Philippe Hughes (CA) HÉLICE
Video Phase (CA) QBalls
Hub studio (CA) Mur-Mur
Ensemble Ensemble (CA) Points de rencontre
MAOTIK & Cesar Urbina (CA) BLOOM

View the descriptions of their works here

Some presentations will take place in French.

April 12, 2018 15:00 - 17:00
Free / RSVP required
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