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VR Salon: Immersive and Experiential Productions
Xn Conference

3 case studies of immersive and experiential productions presented by Xn Quebec - the Digital Experiences Producers Association.
Digital producers and creators share their experiences about the genesis of their projects as well as production, distribution and various related issues and challenges. An essential session for all those interested in the production of original content for immersive platforms.

Presented by Philippe Lambert (creator) and Hugues Sweeney (producer - National Film Board of Canada)
>> Discover the creation and production process of this outstanding new VR experience and collective interactive performance.

Ma Réserve 
Presented by Brigitte Poupart (creator and co-producer, Transthéâtre) and Samuel Greffe Bélanger (co-producer, Normal)
>> From writing to directing, this VR project and immersive performance/projection included many creative and technological challenges.

Presented by Louis-Philippe St-Arnault (co-creator and producer, Society for Arts and Technology)
>> Learn more about the experimental development of this 360 dome piece as well as market development for collective immersive works.

Built around a 3D electronic ambisonic sound composition and increased by a generative visual frame on multiple dimensions, Entropia is located at the border of the performance and of the audiovisual system. The work evokes the natural synergy immersive complex multi-dimensional systems, the image of a human system or cell body of an atomic particle or electric ... to finally move towards a balance: chaos.
A creation by Fraction (FR), Louis-Philippe St-Arnault (CA), Aurélien Lafargue (FR) and Creation Ex Nihilo (CA). 

The presentations will take place in English and French.

April 12, 2018 15:00 - 17:00
Free / RSVP required
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