MUTEK.ES Previews: CLIP! Interview

Clip! is presented by the Red Bull Music Academy and performs on Saturday February 9th in the Nocturne 3 event held at Nitsa Club.

Carles Novellas - January 23, 2013
MUTEK.ES Previews: CLIP! Interview

Q1:  2012 had been the year you really took off. How are you looking forward to 2013?

C: With a lot of anticipation: it looks like it will be a very active year, especially concerning releases. A big part of the tracks I’ve been working on in 2012 will be released in the first part of this coming year, which is something I’m really looking forward to.


Q2: Which of your many forthcoming tracks will see the light of day this year, and on what labels will they be released?

C: “All I Want”, an EP for ENSMBLE, touches on 4 themes, two tracks go into footwork territory, and the other two lean more towards the sounds of the UK. Afterwards I’ll be releasing another EP for JD Records, with 3 original tracks + 1 remix; by the way I recall having played one of these tracks a few times in different clubs in Barcelona. The tracks of this second EP follow along the line of house and garage. Yet another release will come out on Struments Records, which again leans towards house, with atmospheric and obscure elements plus a touch of techno. A fourth release is called Sweat Taste, which includes 4 tracks, all with a fairly quick tempo, and with a juke/footwork vibe. Aside from all this, I think that a remix that I’ve made for Helder Russo’s debut EP is set to drop on Groovement. And between February, March, and April we’ll be releasing the second single and the album of a project I have running in parallel, with Jorge Caiado.


Q3:  Is it safe to say that everything changed for you after you were selected by the Red Bull Music Academy in 2011… was this the impetus you needed to fully launch yourself into music making?

C: Yes, my life took a big turn; well, first of all in that I’ve changed myself. After my session with the Academy I got the feeling that I could really advance if I put in the necessary hours in studying, which I did. That is to say, it’s not unexpected, but there was a lot of work going into getting where I am now and I´ve been seeking out these challenges during all of 2012. But nothing has really come as a surprise.

This is around the time you met Jorge, with whom you’ve got this new collaboration that you mentioned…

Yes, the project is called W//ATEVER, and its first single was released this past November. This project lets both me and Jorge leave the dancefloor behind a bit, to work instead on songs and have fun with soul or r’n’b, even if in the end we also make club versions of our tracks to release as singles. In the next months we’re hoping to release a second 10”, which will follow an album, all of it on Cooltronica, a sub-label of Groovement.


Q4: Do you sometimes ask yourself why you make music instead of writing books or repairing cars?

C: It’s always been something that came naturally to me. I started studying music when I was 5, at 13 I was playing in a Big Band and another group, and at 16 I had my first tour around Spain with a group I was playing with at that moment. After that, and after hearing a lot of “man, it’s really hard to make a living with music”, I took a break, got really bored trying other things, and…. finally realized that music, in whatever form be it producing, mixing, playing an instrument, or playing records, is my life. It’s what I do best and what fulfills me most.


Q5: It could be a coincidence or not, but in the last years quite a few new Spanish producers have surfaced, many of which work in Barcelona (even though many of course also live in other Spanish cities). Has a community or scene arisen? Do you keep in touch with any of these scenes in particular?

C: Yes, for sure there are many producers, and, most importantly, there’s a lot of talent out there. I think that nearly all of us know one another and get along really well. I’m close to the people at Shake, and artists that passed through their parties, Dj Der, Pyrenees, Headbirds… I also have a good friendship with Alizzz… just to mention a few names…

A community has definitely arisen, but, from my point of view, we don’t make up a scene. The scene isn’t only made up of producers: it also includes venue owners, festival organizers, programmers… all in equal part. A change in mentality is starting to come around, but in general I’ve always felt that in Spain the focus has always been on developing scenes other than ours.


Q6: What can we expect from your appearance at Micro_MUTEK? What other artists are you looking forward to seeing at the festival?

C: For my show, I’ll be playing house with lots of groove and fat, low-end analog sounds. On the other hand, I’m very much looking forward to seeing Vessel, Laurel Halo, Cardopusher, Astroboyz and Nautiluss. But the entire festival program looks very good to me in general.


Q7: What’s the last artistic current/trend (music or other) that made an impression on you?

C: Trap really caught my attention... 2 months ago? For sure I had not the smallest idea of what Trap was in May 2012. In June I saw a set by Salva at Sonar and walked away really impressed, I was blown away. Trap became really fashionable a few months, and a bit later, reading a specialty music magazine, you know, the ones where they tell you what’s hot and what’s not (something I don’t pay much attention to), and all of a sudden Trap became trash.


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