Slow Pitching

Toronto based Cheldon Paterson (SlowPitch), was asked about the general affection for slowness in his art. This year, he presents Emoralis - a new AV offering starring snails, during PLAY 4, on Saturday June 1st.

Cheldon Paterson - May 13, 2013
Slow Pitching

There has been a heavy presence of ‘slow’ in my creations over the past 3 years. It could be the tempo, record scratches or the way the sound samples are recorded — all of which you can hear on my forthcoming album for the Montreal based label, Phonosaurus Records. When things slow down, it’s far from being bad, instead, you can really notice more of what’s happening around you, down to the tiniest little details. Plus, there’s plenty of time for the imagination to run free. Simple horn stabs become longer tones, vinyl pops and crackles become strange landscapes and words transform.  New worlds open up to me when a sound or moving image is played significantly slower. Being really into science fiction, this is the realm that I enjoy exploring the most. Here in this fascinating space, my style of scratching, or record manipulation as I like to call it these days, has the perfect bed to play around in.

At this edition of MUTEK, I will be premiering a piece of work titled, Emoralis. It is a mind bending collaboration between myself,  and visual artist Wifihifiscifi. It's  the pairing of two strange beauties — the imaginary textures created by my hands via the turntable – slow moving, warped and playful, with the liquid motions and shape shifting movements of one of the world’s most abundant animals,  the unappreciated and misunderstood snail. The audio visual performance of Emoralis, was an amazing project because first, the actors were easy to work with, it wasn’t hard to find them when it was time to shoot a scene (in case you were wondering, they were handled with tender love and care) and secondly, myself and Wifihifiscifi learned SO many fascinating facts about these tiny, alien-like creatures at the same time. It’s kind of crazy but I really think we’ve discovered the animal equivalent to my style of turntable music.

I’m excited beyond words to be presenting this new project at MUTEK (a dream come true), following its successful debut at the 26th Images Festival a few weeks ago in Toronto.  Montreal holds a special place in my heart and is a big influence on my style. Kid Koala changed the way I viewed turntablism, since discovering his work back in 2000, Cirque du Soleil has a brand of artistry that I aspire to,  and my mentors Ghislain Poirier (Boundary) and Moonstarr, live in Montreal, not to mention the very beautiful friendships I’ve made over the years.

Sigh. Truly blessed and honoured,


Also, here's a special little MUTEK mix I've just put together.



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