Take Five

Five women from the Montreal experimental sound scene were asked about their methods and their madnesses when it comes to summoning new noise from objects and electronics. They perform during PLAY 3, May 31st, in the Studio Hydro Quebec.

Fünf - May 13, 2013
Take Five

Montreal quintet FÜNF - show and tell:

As FÜNF, we have been working together since 2011, but we all have been playing solo and in different collaborations in the sound art/experimental music scenes for much longer. We each have a unique way of approaching sound, objects, and electronics, and for the most part we build our own instruments.  As a collective, we explore the physicality of sound through structured and tactile improvisation.  

Here are some photos of our gear from rehearsal last week:















Erin will also be incorporating live microscope video into our performance...  

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