The Audiovisual Osmosis of EM15

MUTEK VJ curator Marion Carassou-Maillan explains the alchemy

Marion Carassou-Maillan - May 16, 2014
The Audiovisual Osmosis of EM15

Every year the festival undertakes to create immersive and transportive environments for the musical performances. Special stage sets have been constructed for the MAC and Métropolis this year. Hear from the woman who coordinates the visual content.


The MUTEK festival always offers unique and impressive stage designs. This year, with the stage scenography once again designed and built by Alexis Laurence (LEX Studio), we then put a selection of visual artists at the forefront. This task is managed by two different teams: the lighting engineers controlling lights in motion,  along with other spotlights and leds; and then, the VJs, who create immersive spaces using light and real-time synchronized video projections.

This is where my work comes into play; my name is Marion Carassou-Maillan, I am a visual artist and VJ, and for several years now, I've been in charge of synchronizing the visual aspects of performances for the MUTEK festival. I'm generally referred to as the "video curator". I’ve been quite intrigued by this work for awhile, and by definition, in Latin, my job means, the one “who takes care of.” This is actually what I really enjoy doing.

The challenging element of my work is to find the right visual artists to be able to operate a themed stage design, but above all, able to elaborate osmosis between video and sound to create a kind of magic alchemy for a short-lived period of time. Studying the relationship between image/sound, a real passion for me for many years now, consistently asks me to be aware and informed of young creators and new creative approaches, either in the new media field, or through contemporary art practices.

At the end of the day, my role consists of creating an echo between the visual artist and the sound artist, considering the space available for the performance, so that you, the audience, can enjoy the quality of a truly unique experience.

This year's VJ talent:

Hugues Clément
Brille Brille
Johnny Ranger
Baillat Cardell & fils

Visit Marion’s blog about VJing and visual culture here: http://mavideoz.com/blog


photo credit: @brunodestombes


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