Robert Henke & Tarik Barri DE/TR

Panorama 2: Synescopic (63 min)
May 22, 2012 - June 01, 2012, 14:30 - 23:13
World premiere: 14:30 - 23:13

Robert Henke (1969) is a German computer music composer, installation artist and professor of sound design at the Berlin University of the Arts. He is a co-developer of the Ableton Live music software and founding member of the electronic music project Monolake. He lives in Berlin.

Tarik Barri (1979) is a Dutch audiovisual composer and software developer. During this study he saw how the methods he used to create music could be adapted for the moving image. He programmed his own software to develop new tools for audiovisual performance, composition and data representation. Using these tools, Tarik Barri aims to discover new synergies and aesthetics in the inextricable combination of image and sound where the viewer hears images and sees sounds. Tarik creates live visuals for Robert Henke's Monolake shows.
Resume of the piece:
Fundamental Forces – Version FF 03
Fundamental Forces is a collaborative audiovisual research project and installation work by Robert Henke (D) and Tarik Barri (NL). The title reflects the focus on movement, acceleration and the interconnections and attractions between visual structures and sonic events, as well as the underlying mechanics in each of the domains. Visual shapes emerge and are transformed and thrown around by the power of the underlying codes but they seem to be alive, there is a sense of plausibility and realism even in the most abstract moments, a sense that is created by the careful adjustments and tunings of all details, resulting in a overwhelming and highly immersive 360 degree projection combined with a deeply spatial auditive component that seems to span a space of nearly infinite size.

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