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Audiosphere Montreal

Discover a musical landscape based on your current location in the city.

Carte de l'audiosphère

Zone Ligne 55

du Sud vers le Nord

  1. KenLo Craqnuques et Caroline Dupont -
    "Maisonneuve - Des Pins"
    (entre la station St-Laurent jusqu'à l'aventure des Pins
  2. aRTIST oF tHE yEAR - "Fa Do Disco"
    (entre l'avenue des Pins et Marie-Anne)
  3. The Gulf Stream - "City Whale"
    (entre Marie-ANne et Fairmount)
  4. Socalled - "TBC"
    (entre Fairmount et Faillon)
  5. Meat Parade & Bernardino Femminielli - "Circuit oriental"
    (entre Faillon et le terminus de la ligne 55)

Zone Ligne 80

du Sud vers le Nord

  1. AGOR / Arbutus Records - "Pins"
    (entre la station Place des arts et l'avenue des Pins)
  2. Montag - "Mont-Royal"
    (entre l'avenue des Pins et Montr-Royal)
  3. Miracle Fortress - "80 up"
    (entre Mont-Royal et St-Viateur)
  4. Poirier - "Ligne 80"
    (entre St-Viateur et Beaubien)
  5. Le Révélateur - "Extensions"
    (entre Beaubien et le terminus de la ligne 80)

Audiosphere Montreal, presented by the STM

In collaboration with 2XM

Audiosphère invites you to soundtrack your commutes to and from the MUTEK festival. Discover new music that will change according to the route you’ve chosen around the city. Local musicians have produced original music inspired by the locations along the 55 and 80 bus routes.  Meanwhile, exclusive mixes have been produced especially for the 18, 24, and 165 lines. 

Download the free Audiosphere Montreal app, get connected, and let us transport you!

Direct link to the app: http://audiosphere.2xminteractive.com


Podcasts Per Line

Click on the artist to hear the music!

LINE 55 : KenLo Craqnuques, aRTIST oF tHE yEAR, The Gulf Stream, Socalled, -0 (moins zéro) & Bernardino Femminielli.

LINE 80 : AGOR/Arbutus Records, Montag, Miracle Fortress, Ghislain Poirier & Le Révélateur.

LINE 18 :  A mix of ambience from the minimal frontiers

LINE 24: A mix by DJ Champion

LINE 165: A mix by Ghislain Poirier


The following artists donated new music to share every day in the MUTEK Zone:

until Wednesday: Atheus
Wednesday, May 30: Michel Plamondon
Thursday, May 31 : Jesse Voltaire
Friday, June 1: Atheus
Saturday, June 2: Slowpitch
Sunday, June 3: Danuel Tate


Audiosphere Montreal is made possible with the generous support of the STM, working jointly with conceptual and artistic director Antoine Bédard, innocation agency 2XM Interactive, and MUTEK.


Antoine Bédard

Équipe 2XM 

Michael Hasenfratz
Manuel Pineault
Florent Vilmart
Simon Papineau
Antoine Azar

Équipe MUTEK 

Eugénie Brin
Léa Behr
Roxanne Lagord
Prune Lieutier