• Werner Dafeldecker & Lawrence English
  • Biosphere & Egbert Mittelstadt
  • Jefre-Cantu Ledesma & Paul Clipson
  • Francisco Lopez & Cécile Martin
  • D-Fuse
  • Christian Fennesz, Mego
  • Robert Henke & Tarik Barri

Panorama 2: Synescopic (63 min)


Macro and Micro fields of acelerations thru oceanic overdrive – thundrous glacial cracks in an Antartic snowline layers peel away to reflexive urbanesque undergrowths where there retains a sense of plausibility and realism even in the most abstract moments. 

Tickets are on sale here.


Tuesday May 22 (10pm)
Friday May 25 (1pm, 5:30pm, 10pm)
Saturday May 26 (2:30pm, 7pm)
Mon May 28 (4pm, 8:30pm)
Tuesday May 29 (4pm)
Wednesday May 30 (2:30pm, 7pm)
Friday June 1 (1pm, 5:30pm, 10pm)
Sunday June 3 (2:30pm)


The Cold Monolith 
Werner Dafeldecker & Lawrence English [AT/AU]
Birds Fly 
Biosphere (Audio) & Egbert Mittelstadt (Vidéo) [NO/DE]
Portrait in Half Light* 
Jefre-Cantu Ledesma (Audio) & Paul Clipson (Vidéo) [US]
Panoramics_Saint-André #5* 
Francisco Lopez (Audio) & Cécile Martin (Vidéo) [ES/CA]
Reconstruct (Particle 3.0)* 
D-Fuse [UK]
Saffron Revolution Forever 
Christian Fennesz (Audio) & Lillevan (Vidéo) [AT/DE]
Co-produced by RML & ECAS
Fundamental Forces – Version FF 03
Robert Henke (Audio) & Tarik Barri (Vidéo) [DE/TR] 
Co-produced by RML & ECAS
*world premiere
14:30 - 23:13

Cinéma Excentris
3536, Boul. St Laurent
Montréal, Canada


Tickets: $12.00 at the door + tx & sc


Cinéma Excentris


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