Christopher McNamara CA

Play 1
May 29, 2013, 22:30 - 01:00
Amulet Cities: 23:05 - 23:50
Thinkbox Collective
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Employing both technological prowess and outmoded tools to push back the limits of what sound and video can do, award-winning video artist and musician Chris McNamara, creates single channel works, sound performances and media installations that continually feed off one other. Dividing his time between Windsor and Ann Arbor, McNamara works with three distinct audio art collectives – nospectacle, Thinkbox (of which he’s a founding member) and Noiseborder Ensemble. He has exhibited extensively around the world and performed at MUTEK, Movement (Detroit) and Spark (Minneapolis). This year, he presents the international premiere of Amulet Cities, a live AV city symphony that builds upon McNamara’s formal preoccupations with urban constructs and our culture’s conflicted relationship with big city life. Amulet Cities loops a heady mix of fragmented visuals and abstracted sounds culled from the chaotic urban grind. The resulting harmonic dissonance invites contemplation about our individual connections to sounds and images that define dense cityscapes.



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