Maxime Robin CA

Expérience 2
May 30, 2013, 17:00 - 20:00
: 18:55 - 20:00

Originally going by the name DNT, Maxime Robin is a remarkably prolific vinyl-sampling alchemist. A fan of hip-hop but, in his own words, “a terrible rapper,” he’s been making instrumental music since 2001, blending hip-hop, trip-hop and drum n bass influences. Occasionally reminiscent of Prefuse 73, Robin’s sound is initially perplexing due to the sheer diversity of his sources: he draws on multiple eras and styles, never shying from throwing as many sounds as possible into the mix. In his sonic universe, horns, guitars, glockenspiel and other choppy samples merge into an unfailingly head-bopping, groovy kind of fun. In his DNT days, Robin collaborated with a slew of rappers who were impressed by his unique style. His first disc under his real name, Maxime Robin is a Town Tempo Kind of Guy, was concocted in his home studio in Trois-Rivières, and constitutes a bridge between his music career and his status as a “Kinoïte” – i.e., member of the KINO film/video/multimedia collective (Robin is a videographer and projectionist).


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