Emptyset UK

Nocturne 3
May 31, 2013, 22:00 - 03:00
: 23:20 - 00:15
Subtext Recordings, CLR
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Resident Advisor

United by a love of sine waves and white noise, a slew of releases from curator, Paul Purgas and Multiverse Records impresario, James Ginzburg, were the first indicators of the Emptyset ethos. As well as a dozen EPs released on various labels, the duo has amassed 3 albums: Emptyset (2009), Demiurge (2011) and Medium (2012). Across them all, Emptyset take pleasure in dismantling sound and genre, an approach that has earned them a release through Raster-noton. While their eponymous debut was seen as an avant-garde dubstep reduction, Demiurge pushed into avant-techno abstraction, and their latest, Medium, revels in eerie noise. Recorded in an abandoned Gloucestershire manor, Medium makes use of the physical space and its architecture, combining with both musicians’ analog instruments to concoct an atmospheric soundscape rife with field energy and sinister echoes. After a memorable stop during the A/Visions program in 2011, Emptyset returns with a big-room Metropolis performance featuring visual design by Clayton Welham, who has produced videos and films with them, including one for the Tate. Reactive to audio, he builds their visual environment using live video, transmission, feedback and induction coils.

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