SlowPitch CA

Play 4
June 01, 2013, 22:30 - 03:00
Emoralis: 23:50 - 00:10
Phono saurus
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Ever fascinated by the interplay between sound, movement and live performance, Toronto-based artist Cheldon Paterson, alias SlowPitch, presents his enchanting new live AV wonderland Emoralis, a selection of images of gliding snails set to a soundscape of exuberant textures, rhythmic quivers and drones. By using a turntable, percussion sequencer and effects/looping device, SlowPitch’s euphoric live score enhances the creatures’ fluid movements and symmetrical morphing. The unbridled project is a collaboration with video artist Wifihifiscifi (aka Vanese Smith), who indulges her twin fascinations with psychedelic art and zoology. In support of a forthcoming album of the same name on Phonosaurus Records, Emoralis finds ace sonic manipulator SlowPitch returning to MUTEK for a second consecutive year, on the heels of the project’s recent premiere at Toronto’s Images Festival.


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