Antoine Schmitt & Franck Vigroux (FR)

A/Visions 3 : May 31, 2013, 20:00 - 22:00


North American premiere

Franck Vigroux’s analog instruments and Antoine Schmitt’s visual algorithms come together in the name of pure chaos and three-dimensional spectacle in this dazzling audiovisual performance. Vigroux’s multifaceted and challenging body of work sits at the crossroads of electroacoustics, theatre, and contemporary music. His electronic explorations notably won him Radiotelevisione Italiana’s Italia Prize in 2011. Schmitt is a designer, programmer and engineer whose artistic practice revolves around forms “programmed to be free”. He has won prizes at Berlin’s Transmediale and Austria’s Ars Electronica contest. Their Tempest project, with its million of floating particles and rip-roaring ruckus, reimagines our shapeless universe moments after the Big Bang. With the help of their sophisticated machinery, Vigroux and Schmitt give rise to new audio and visual matter, letting these new, chaotic forms slowly take shape.




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