Letherette UK

Nocturne 4
June 01, 2013, 22:00 - 06:00
North American premiere: 01:35 - 03:00
Ninja Tune
Resident Advisor

A duo originating from Wolverhampton, England, Letherette began turning heads with their two EPs on Ho Tep, EP (2010) and EP2 (2011), as well as via remix work for Machinedrum and Bibio. This newly acquired reputation facilitated their signing with Ninja Tune. Featurette, their first album for the revered English label, was released last November. Their eponymous album, which arrived this spring, will cap off three years of refining an eclectic house sound built on heavy, dynamic beats. Their signature mood, which pairs guitar loops, synths and funk influences, comes wrapped in their high-precision, technically flawless production style. Their North American premiere at MUTEK will marry their sensual compositions with visuals inspired by their “D&T” video: archival footage dipped in a saturated colour scheme.


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