John Tejada US
World premiere

Nocturne 1 : May 29, 2013, 22:00 - 03:00

With a career spanning more than 15 years, John Tejada stands as a key player in the past, and present, global tech house circuit. He has published music on many labels (7th City, Krush Grooves, ~scape), launched his own imprint Palette, in 1996 and is now part of Kompakt’s esteemed roster. With 11 albums,  the hefty Tejada catalogue covers many elements of the electronic universe. Known for his meticulous rhythms and arrangements, Tejada also brings a melodic depth to his tech and mechanical groove. The Predicting Machine (2012), his second project for Kompakt, finds the Californian diversifying his sonic spectrum. He’s dabbling in ambient atmospheres and disco brewed with Detroit techno and a hint of trance. John Tejada plays his long overdue first MUTEK Montreal appearance this year.

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