Lukid UK

Nocturne 3
May 31, 2013, 22:00 - 03:00
: 22:35 - 23:30
Ninja Tune, Werkdiscs, Glum
Resident Advisor
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Lukid’s forays in the realms of experimental hip hop, ambient house and techno, confirm that it’s possible to grow on many musical fronts without losing one’s unique artistic direction. Lonely At The Top (2012), a joint release of Ninja Tune and Werk Discs (the label operated by producer, Actress), is an explosive record that covers myriad styles and influences and places them in the peculiar Lukid sound world of hazy textures, giddy tones and woozy tempos. Lukid’s discography also includes the albums Onandon (2007) and Foma (2009), both released on Werk Discs, while a more raw, less heady sound, can be enjoyed on two EPs released on the label, Glum: Boxing Club (2010) and Spitting Bile(2011), both focused on glitch and dubstep in its original, most pared-down form. Lukid will play his inaugural MUTEK set using a combination of hard and software – to stretch out his sound even more.

Video: Bobby Digital

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