Jesse Osborne-Lanthier (Noir) CA

Play 3: May 31, 2013, 22:30 - 01:00

Self-taught Montreal artist Jesse Osborne-Lanthier molds disconcerting sonic worlds by combining modular synthesizers with hybrid computer software, while also drawing from a rich arsenal of field recordings, classical instruments, tape reels and assorted recording hardware. Osborne-Lanthier conjures up slightly menacing imagined realms that operate outside the bounds of musicality. His conceptual practice plays on many contrasting signals – warm and cold, disorienting and precise, mechanical and organic, melodic and dissonant. These hybrid approaches generate a broad spectrum of otherworldly orchestrations, with his tools often taking on a life of their own. Osborne-Lanthier also composes scores for film and contemporary theatre, and maintains ongoing collaborations with artists such as Hobo Cubes, Bernardino Femminielli and David Kristian. After performing at MUTEK last year as Mor† (with Matt Wadell and Sam Vipond), Osborne-Lanthier returns with his live solo project, Noir, a collection of minimal AV compositions with projections and synchronized lights.


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