Chris Hreno DE

EXPÉRIENCE 2: Between the Grooves
May 30, 2014, 17:00 - 21:40
Artist - Canadian premiere: 19:10 - 20:10

Blurring genre distinctions with his loopy rhythmic sculptures, Montréal-born, Berlin-based Chris Hreno has long explored the fertile ground between house and techno. Turned on at age 11 by turntables, Hreno moved on to bass guitar in his teens and finally his own studio productions. Known to roll out understated tapestries of soulful synths and groovy percussions, Hreno’s eccentric minimalism is best enjoyed as one would a lavish five-course meal: taking the time to bite into every slow-burning bass line and appreciate each analogue synth’s intoxicating aroma. An early 2001 EP had him co-producing with The Mole and in 2004 he issued a 12” in the “Starchy Roots” series alongside names like Akufen, Mathew Jonson, Deadbeat and Jay Haze. Since relocating across the Atlantic in 2007, he has released his infectious, dubby funk on labels such as Sound Architecture and Fur Trade, and collaborated with longstanding friends The Mole (as Valerie Temple Boyd) and Jonson, fellow expat Deadbeat and respected Dutch house producers Tom Trago and San Proper (all forthcoming). For EM15, this MUTEK alumnus brings his sharp analogue sensibilities to a new live presentation.

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