Egyptrixx CA

NOCTURNE 1: Pulsation Perception // All-Natural Ambience
May 28, 2014, 22:00 - 03:00
Artist: 00:50 - 01:35

As Egyptrixx, Toronto-based producer David Psutka shifts between high-tech, minimalist house and ambient techno that shimmers with metallic edges and shatters with syncopated beats. While austere in its basic sounds and cerebral as a whole, his 2011 debut LP Bible Eyes, on the Night Slugs label, holds tracks driven by dance-floor-filling rhythms and warped melodies. Egyptrixx’s second album, 2013’s A/B til Infinity (also Night Slugs), symbolizes a concentrated collaborative process between Psutka and Berlin-based visual artist A.N.F. (Andreas Fischer). Their song-writing and sound-design process evolved simultaneously, with the resulting nine tracks and respective videos sharing the same textured, tension-filled, otherworldly digital nature. Psutka’s musical versatility can be heard within the Egyptrixx catalogue alone (e.g., Toronto orchestra-indie-rock band Ohbijou feature on 2011 track “Old Black”), his 2014 Boiler Room NYC DJ set, and in post-punk, psychedelic side-project Hiawatha. Egyprixx has played MUTEK Mexico, Red Bull Music Academy sessions with Martyn and Sibian & Faun, Rome’s Spring Attitude Festival, and comes to EM15 with a live A/V set of organic, fluid images to match his singular sound.