Magnanime CA/QC

EXPÉRIENCE 2: Between the Grooves
May 30, 2014, 17:00 - 21:40
Artist - Canadian premiere: 20:10 - 20:40
Siteholder, CCCLTD, Klangscheiben, Perlon
Le Devoir - Ces femmes qui font du bruit

The music of Montréal producer Sara Magnan, a.k.a. Magnanime, forges auteur-like links between tech-house, IDM and musique concrète, held together by a forward-thinking production process and enthusiasm for listener’s reactions. Magnan developed her electroacoustic techniques in part while studying at Recording Arts Canada and in technical direction in the contemporary dance world. The idea of sonic movement percolates through her music and her experimental video work, as does a search for authentic expression and intellectual depth, yet her music is not without a sense of humour – she incorporates mistakes and recycles odd noises into her perpetually evolving, beat-driven repertoire. Political currents also pervade -- including during her 2012 MUTEK performance, an unhinged techno pow-wow in honour of First Nations people, and more explicitly, an outdoor show supporting Montréal’s Occupy movement. Along with live sets, her music features on deep house and ambient label CCCLTD’s Iceberg III compilation with Maxime Tanguay, label founder Michel Plamondon, Sapin, Vincent Lemieux and Aun, as well as in the series.

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