Heatsick UK

NOCTURNE 3: Kooky Monsters
May 30, 2014, 22:00 - 03:00
Artist - Canadian premiere: 01:25 - 03:00
Pan, Rush Hour, Cocktail D'Amore
Resident Advisor

Berlin-based British musician and producer Heatsick (Steven Warwick) has turned making eccentric music on his half-broken Casio keyboard and effects into a room-shaking, experimental-house force of nature. Before releasing his first LP, Intersex, in 2011 on PAN Records (mastered by Rashad Becker), Heatsick produced numerous cassettes and CDRs, also recording as Birds of Prey, Hungover Breakfast and duo Birds of Delay. In 2013, he released Re-Engineering, an array of fast, spacey beats and warped keyboard loops peppered with spoken-word poetry and field recordings. In the past two years, he’s also been remixed by SND’s Mark Fell, performed for house label 100% Silk’s showcases, and found time to put together an art book. In 2013, he hooked up with Glaswegian producers Luke Fowler and Richard Youngs on the Lurists project, combining Warwick’s broken-electronics style with distorted drum machines and constantly changing tempos that all somehow keep the dancefloor filled. Casio and effects in hand, Heatsick performs his semi-improvised live set more like a rock show, his goal - to keep people moving, sometimes for over three strange, mesmerizing hours.