Donato Dozzy IT

MUTEK // PIKNIC: A Sonic Shining
June 01, 2014, 14:00 - 21:00
Artist: 19:00 - 21:00
Italian DJ and Producer, Donato Dozzy
Hypnotic, trippy, ambient, acid, techno
Spectrum Spools, Tresor
Filo Loves The Acid (Tresor 2018)
"In twenty years of activity as a DJ I still can't realize the real social utility of what I'm doin', but I have seen the therapeutic function..." - Donato Dozzy
Montreal 2014, Mexico 2015
Resident Advisor

Leading Italian techno producer and DJ Donato “Dozzy” Scaramuzzi, has been discreetly plying his psychedelic trade over the past two decades, cementing his status as one of electronic music’s most respected purveyors of tripped out, “voodoo” techno. Never one to get behind the hype machine and its rhythmic allegiance du jour, this holder of a doctorate in Politics has long impressed his considerable “cult of Dozzy” with hypnotic DJ sets (going back to the mid-80s) showcasing his exhaustive knowledge of electronic music history. Given his early exposure to disco, dub, reggae and acid techno, it’s no surprise Dozzy’s singular soundscapes dish out a percussive pasticcio of slow-burning ambient and transcendent techno. Since 2005, he’s committed to doling out extensive production work as well as launching two imprints – the now-defunct Dozzy Records and the short-lived though influential ambient/techno pillar Aquaplano. He’s also maintained a frenetic DJ schedule while pursuing a number of highly lauded side projects: the gritty, evocative minimalism of Voices From the Lake, with frequent collaborator Neel (Giuseppe Tillieci), and Dozzy’s recent reinterpretation of Chris Madak’s Vaporware piece, entitled “Plays Bee Mask,” which taps into the Italian maestro’s yearning to take a more abstract, cosmic sonic turn.