Todor Todoroff and Laura Colmenares Guerra BE

A/VISIONS 2: Re/Visioned Classical
May 29, 2014, 19:30 - 21:15
eVanescens - Artist - North American premiere: 19:30 - 20:05
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Belgian composer, sound artist and electrical engineer Todor Todoroff (co-founder and president of FeBeME, the Belgian Federation of Electroacoustic Music), and Brussels-based visual artist and videographer Laura Colmenares Guerra, bring their interactive audio visual performance eVanescens to EM15 after international appearances at the 2013 Ars Musica festival and Parisian digital arts centre, Le Cube. With their tailor-made motion-capture technology, the acoustic cello (played by Sigrid Vandenbogaerde, who also contributes vocals to the piece) merges with Todoroff’s electroacoustic production to directly affect video in real time, altering our perceptions of how music and image relate and echo each other in a given space. The cellist’s hands, arms and torso are equipped with sensors designed by Todoroff to control synthesizers that algorithmically transfer sound and gesture to video. Colmenares Guerra orchestrates and distorts the video, unleashing layered black-and-white images of dancers, constantly in motion to the music. While technically complex, the performance gives precedence to its artistic exploration, delving into an unfamiliar, eerie zone between the real and imagined, the organic and the machine.

Team:Todor Todoroff, composition, capteurs et interactions sonores; Laura Colmenares Guerra, création et interactions vidéo; Sigrid Vandenbogaerde, création violoncelle, voix; Marc Lhommel, création lumière; Anne Guilleray, scénographie, costume; Yacine Sebti, programmation logiciel vidéo; Lise Vachon, Marcela Ruiz Quintero, danse

With the support ofCellule Arts Numériques de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, ARTeM, UMons / Institut Numediart, Communauté flamande, Le Manège.Mons / TRANSDIGITAL, Le Manège.Maubeuge - Scène Nationale, La Gare Numerique de Jeumont.