Woulg CA/QC

PLAY 3: HD Dreamland
May 31, 2014, 22:00 - 02:20
Artist: 01:20 - 02:20
Montréal-based producer, composer and new media artist Greg Debicki
Glitching ambient landscapes, tech-warped organic melody and pulsating bass, mind-bending generative audiovisuals
Outlier Recordings, Enigmatik Records, End Fence, Illphabetik , Meth Lab Recorgings
Last Time (2018), Dragged EP
At MUTEK, Woulg presents new A/V performance Last Time, a real-time collaboration between the artist and a computer
Montréal: 2017 (with Push 1 stop), 2015, 2014; San Francisco: 2018 (with Push 1 stop)
Woulg - Ring Buffer (A/V Test)

Montréal-based composer and new media artist Greg Debicki (Woulg) produces emotive glitch music by combining the dissonance of grunge with the rhythmic complexity of IDM and jazz. Using a bundle of custom software and hacked hardware, Woulg experiments with subversive methods of sound design, exploring the creative potential of destruction, distortion and glitch. Woulg’s soundcapes guarantee a heightened listening experience: minimalist melodies and stirring synthesized tones always on the verge of careening wildly out of control. An open-source advocate, Woulg releases his output on like-minded labels such as Outlier Recordings and Enig'matik. At EM15, he’ll present Hollow, a live performance with generative, sound responsive visuals that takes festivalgoers on a trippy, diagrammatic odyssey into the fabric of techno. Journeying from dark, four-to-the-floor to cerebral IDM and back, Hollow takes after mind-melting visual cues devised by the likes of masters and festival alumni Ryoichi Kurokawa, Carsten Nicolai and Ryoji Ikeda.