The Durian Brothers DE

NOCTURNE 3: Kooky Monsters
May 30, 2014, 22:00 - 03:00
Artist - North American premiere: 22:45 - 23:45

Playing prepared Technics turntables, a sequencer and an array of effects, German trio The Durian Brothers blend polyrhythmic, Afro-beat percussion with noise-saturated aspects of electronic minimalism. Fast, dense and dance-oriented, this is music made for the live club setting, immediate and intense, but flows with an artistic and purposeful bent. After all, the three members of The Durian Brothers come from creative, intellectual disciplines: Marc Matter, a sound poet and lecturer; Florian Meyer, an artist; and Stefan Schwander, a furniture designer and musician in his own right, best known as minimalist techno producer Harmonious Thelonious (also performing at EM15). After three EPs on Diskant, The Durian Brothers released a split EP with Ensemble Skalectrik (an Ekoplekz side project) on FatCat Records in 2013. From live shows in Germany, at Poland’s Unsound and Tallinn’s Rhythm Festival, the minimally-equipped trio have proven themselves able to jump from ambient experimentation to dub-filled frenzy without missing a beat.