Segue CA

NOCTURNE 4: Cruising the Sub-Dub Spectrum
May 31, 2014, 22:00 - 03:00
Artist: 22:00 - 23:00
Silent Season

As Segue, now Edmonton-based Jordan Sauer taps in to the natural serenity and wild beauty of British Columbia’s west coast and his hometown of Vancouver – the resulting ambient-techno ebb and flow ends up lulling listeners into a dreamstate and shocking them out of it with unexpected dub-inflected sounds, quickening beats and symphonic touches. Segue, who is trained in classical violin and cites Canadian folk and dub reggae as early influences on his musical style, integrates field recordings from his forest and oceanside travels with his own samples from synths, drums, guitar and other instruments, creating an immersive soundscape at once familiar and foreign. After several releases on labels such as Autoplate, Databloem and Kyoto_digital, Segue teamed up with the like-minded British Columbia-based label Silent Season for his melodic, moody 2013 album Pacifica, which soon found itself at number 5 in Resident Advisor’s Top 20 Albums of the year. He’s receiving similar admiration for his newest LP, The Here and Now, on French label Sem, having crafted seven tracks that make drone sparkle and give harmonic pop some chilled-out and soulful space to breathe.