Automatisme CA

PLAY 1: Avantage Electronique
May 29, 2014, 22:00 - 02:00
Artist: 23:55 - 00:40

Since 2011, the ambient electronic project Automatisme has given William Jourdain and Yuri Mesko free reins to convert, twist, tweak and fiddle with an abundant supply of field recordings to the point of abstraction. Often labeled “click” or “glitch” music, Automatisme’s experimental stylings take root in everyday urban life – raw recordings that range from cars, strong winds and chainsaws to rivers. The original frequencies are then treated, obscured and coated with melodies inspired by the sounds of machines and digital technologies. With over 20 original works and two albums under their belt, Automatisme take their abstract compositions (boasting strong classical, jazz and dub influences) on the road everywhere from concert halls to indie bookstores. At EM15, they’ll be joined by videographer Jacob Gladu for a live AV show that employs computers as musical instruments, progressive field recording modulations, sound synthesis and subtle visual effects.