France Jobin CA/QC

PLAY 1: Avantage Electronique
May 29, 2014, 22:00 - 02:00
Sans repères - Artist: 22:00 - 22:35
Montréal composer, curator and installation artist France Jobin, also known as i8u
Perception altering environments, minimalist sound sculpture, high-tech deep listening, modular blips and low-end bass
Line Imprint, Baskaru, ATAK , murmur records, Popmusik Records, Dragon's Eye Recordings, Room 40, nvo, Silent Records, Touch Music/Fairwood Music
Radiance II: Music for the Answer (2016), Singulum (2016), installationInter/sperse au Museolaboratorio (2017)
Architectural synaesthesia compels her to create sound shaped to environments and to “play” the space.
Montréal: 2014; as i8u: 2009, 2007
Soundcloud Baskaru / The illusion of infinitesimal
You Tube

Accomplished Montréal composer, curator and installation artist France Jobin has been crafting intricate, immersive and scrupulously subtle sound sculptures as i8u since the mid-nineties. Whether on record or on stage, her complex sound environments loom large over listeners with their minimalist imprint, their intersection of analogue and digital sensibilities and a sonic spectrum that extends from low-end bass rumblings to high-octane microscopic treble. Her experiential installation work, which incorporates both musical and visual elements, similarly boasts a meticulous aesthetic sensibility, taking root in the architecture of physical spaces. The strongly tech-literate Jobin has released solo recordings on countless labels (including Baskaru and the prestigious Line), performed at many music and new technology festivals (Berlin’s Club Transmediale, Brussels' Les Digitales), created installations internationally and collaborated with the likes of Martin Tétreault, David Kristian and New York visual artist CHiKA. In 2011, she initiated the concert event/philosophy, "Immerson," in partnership with OBORO gallery. By designing a deep listening environment and pushing the notion of "immersion" to its possible limits, the event seeks out new perceptions in the listening process. Part of the MUTEK artist family since the festival's toddler years, Jobin makes an anticipated return to perform at EM15.

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