Chat Noir CA

PLAY 3: HD Dreamland
May 31, 2014, 22:00 - 02:20
Artist: 00:30 - 01:15

Montréalers Annie Boisseau and Andris Brazus are Chat Noir, a multi-instrumental ambient project that blends keyboards and samplers, the Japanese electronic instrument tenori-on, and multiple effects. Brazus began making music as a drummer, keyboardist and laptop sound-manipulator in indie rock bands before moving into the realm of electroacoustic music in 2009, where he has worked on interdisciplinary art project Contraband, with musician Adam Davidson and artist-dancer François Lalumière. One of his ambient pieces recently popped up on 2013’s Air Texture Volume 3 compilation, curated by Scott Monteith (Deadbeat) and Gregor Asch (DJ Olive), putting him the company of heavyweights like Pole and Thomas Fehlmann. With a background in classical piano and composition, Boisseau played in rock bands for several years before adding electronic music production to her talents. As Chat Noir, Brazus and Boisseau revel in the live experience of fusing composed musical elements with dramatic improvisation, moving from instrument to instrument, experimenting with layers of harmonies and distortion.