Since 2000, MUTEK has sought out the trailblazers and innovators of live electronic music. Once a novel experience made possible through advancements in software and technology at the turn of the century, the practice has evolved continuously over the last decade and a half. We are thrilled to present for you an exclusive cross section of some of the best live electronic performances from our archives. Many of these recordings have never been released before. We hope you enjoy browsing through this special Hall of Fame series that celebrates both the history of MUTEK and the rich tapestry that is live, contemporary, electronic music performance.

All of these recordings have been mastered by LANDR.


Graze 2013

Graze melds the musical mannerisms of Adam Marshall and Christian Andersen, members of a growing squadron of Canadian electronic artist who’ve decamped for Berlin. Both also have deep roots in Toronto’s music community, and since this scene stealing performance, Andersen has since returned home. Founder and curator of the New Kanada label, Marshall secured his trailblazer standing through a steady stream of lush techno constructions. For his part, Andersen was initially influenced by drum ‘n’ bass and metal, before taking to the choppy waters at the confluence of bass music and techno. Andersen brings his striking rhythms and warm bass beds while Marshall corrals it all into impeccable sequences. Graze made their world premiere live debut with this performance, creating a big stir with critics and audiences alike.

Mastered by LANDR


Dave Aju 2012

Berlin via San Francisco left field house producer Marc Barrite disguises himself as Dave Aju in order to explore his unorthodox sonic interests in mouth samples and sideways funk. Having made 3 solo appearances at MUTEK since 2008, he also stormed the stage as the singer in Guillaume and Coutu-Dumont’s Side Effects band too. We are pleased to present for the first time, this recording of Dave Aju’s rousing finish to our 2012 edition, which he wrapped up with serious heart and soul. 

Mastered by LANDR


Amon Tobin 2011

In 2011 Amon Tobin made his MUTEK debut with the world premiere of his massive 3D audiovisual behemoth, ISAM.  The original  25′ × 14′ × 8′ set that he performed in acted as the vehicle for his seventh album of the same name — an experimental and accessible ride through invented instrumentation and synthesis. As a live, generative and reactive audio and visual performance, ISAM was narrative, subtle and bombastic. The project took Tobin around the world for two years, finally wrapping up, fittingly, at MUTEK Mexico in October 2013. We are proud to present the audio recording of this unforgettable performance, for the first time.

mastered by LANDR.


The Caretaker 2010

British samplist and provocateur Leyland James Kirby twists dusty old recordings into new forms of distressed, digitally mediated nostaglia as The Caretaker. His whisky fuelled performance at MUTEK 2010 left the audience agape.

Mastered by LANDR


Nortec Collective 2009

From Tijuana, The Nortec Collective fuse norteño music and technology (nortec) using a potent mix of horns, accordions and electronics. Operational for more than a decade, and an international sensation with Latin Grammy awards to their credit, they landed at MUTEK in 2009 and brought the house down when they closed the evening at Métropolis. The audience, featuring a large contingent of Mexicans, waved flags and chanted relentlessly for a good five minutes at the end of this set. 

Mastered by LANDR


Narod Niki 2003

Masterminded by Ricardo Villalobos and named after a group of Russian revolutionaries, laptop supergroup Narod Niki made their debut at MUTEK in 2003. Using the then, relatively new Ableton Live software to network their live jam, some of the biggest names in techno participated in this auspicious performance: Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Akufen, Robert Henke, Dimbiman, Dandy Jack, Cabanne, Luciano and Dan Bell. While bootlegs of this recording have been circulating on the web for a while, this is the first time we have released the recording.

mastered by LANDR


Coil 2003

John Balance and Peter Christopherson (ex-members of such famous acts as 23 Skidoo and Current 93) were a part of the notorious Psychic TV before creating Coil in 1983. Inspired by ritual practice, transformation, and musical exploration, Coil left their indelible mark on several generations of musicians and listeners. Their musical journeys, oftentimes serene, impulsive, or cinematic, always subscribed to the counter currents, as they ceaselessly opened new possibilities - as timeless as they were modern. This recording, never released before, featured Christopherson and longtime associate Thighpaulsandra. A great loss for music, both Christopherson and Balance have since passed away.

Mastered by LANDR