In the past few years our festival has taken part in sustainable development initiatives in order to reduce our environmental impact and to encourage participants to focus on eco-responsability.

In 2014, MUTEK has teamed up with the TRIBU club, a project developed by Tourisme Montréal. A gathering of several companies within the sustainable development community, TRIBU educates and consults with organizations to facilitate new projects.

At MUTEK 2015 we aim to inspire our colleagues and festivalgoers to create eco-responsible reflexes in all aspects of the event. Here's a short list of what we have done so far:

- Development of a festival App to reduce our use of paper (no printed catalog)
- Donations to the Montréal organisation Santropol Roulant via sales of ECOPASSPORTS and WEEKEND ECOPASSES
- Use of ECOCUP at MUTEK 2015 bars at MAC and on the Parterre to reduce the use of single-use containers
- Free recycled water bottles for artists and volunteers
- Water taps to minimize water bottle sales
- Attendees are invited to bring their own (empty) refillable water bottles to replenish on site
- Recycling equipment at all venues
- Promotion of local companies and of public transportation options on the Tourism page on the website


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