Digital Delicacies

Phi Centre
Monday, May 25 - 6:00pm

To further our work as curators and purveyors of leading edge electronic and digital artistry at home and around the world, MUTEK is hosting Digital Delicacies, a benefit event mixing fine cuisine and an exceptional digital mise en scene. These vivid facets of Montréal’s identity come together in a convivial environment that encourages rewarding exchanges and makes new connections.

Tickets for this special evening are $150 and for each ticket you will receive a $100 donation receipt for tax purposes. For further details on the event and to buy tickets visit the Digital Delicacies page on our website.
As a non profit and non commercial enterprise, we invite you to come and support our ongoing activities and plans for the future.

Join the Facebook event here.

AUDINT: Delusions of the Living Dead / DRNE Cartography

Phi Centre 
Opening reception on Tuesday, May 26 at 5:30pm.
Exhibition May 27 to June 11 (Monday to Saturday, noon - 5:00pm)

Presented by DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art and MUTEK in association with the Phi Centre

Steve Goodman (KODE9) and Toby Heys open their experiential sonic installation  Delusions of the Living Dead / DRNE Cartography, a new iteration of their ongoing research as AUDINT. Featuring bespoke subwoofers, directional ultrasonic speakers, and wearable SubPacs, the work investigates the ways in which the military-industrial and military-entertainment complex of the 20th and 21st centuries have used sound, silence, and noise to influence, manipulate, and torture the human body, with the ultimate goal to chart and narrate the evolution of sonic weaponry.

Delusions of the Living Dead / DRNE Cartography includes two multi-sensory environments in the same space: One part film, one part sensory experience, each element of the installation pertains to one side of the vinyl record, Martial Hauntology (a book/print/record) released in late 2014.
Both components run successively every day during MUTEK beginning at 1:00 PM and again at 3:00 PM.

There will also be a panel with the artists on Friday, May 29 at 2:15pm. See the MUTEK BY DAY programme and the Phi Centre web site for more information.

MUTEK at Festival TransAmériques

Coeur des Sciences of UQAM
Friday, May 29 - 5:00pm

MUTEK is pleased to unite with the FTA for a free 5 à 7 highlighting two eccentric talents from the local Montréal scene.

FDG - presents IRRADIANCE (CA) - World premiere

More info on the FTA website.
Join the Facebook event here.

MINOTAUR - Dome Version

Société des arts technologiques (SAT)
Saturday, May 30 - noon to 3:00pm
$20 (not included in MUTEK PASSPORTS or PASSES)

Presented by National Film Board of Canada and SAT

The dome version of MUNRO FERGUSON’s seven minute 3D animation inspired by the mythical Greek half man, half bull, MINOTAUR, is accompanied by a session of KID KOALA’s Music To Draw To. Enjoy an immersive and musical brunch and bring your sketchbooks!

Find more information and get your tickets (incl. projection and food) here and join the Facebook event.


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