01-05 JN

International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music

Québec Canada

Moritz von Oswald DE

June 01, 2016, 21:00 - 03:00
DJ set: 23:50 - 01:50
Dub techno pioneer Moritz von Oswald, elemental in cementing the Detroit-Berlin connection in the early 1990s through his work with Mark Ernestus as Basic Channel, Maurizio, Rhythm & Sound, and beyond
Ethereal, beautiful, spectral techno reduced to its most fundamental constituent parts, influenced and inspired by Oswald’s training as a classical percussionist
Honest Jon's Records, Tresor, Deutsche Grammophon, Basic Channel, Chain Reaction
Last year saw a collaborative release with Kyrgyzstani folk musicians Ordo Sakhna; prior to that came a collaborative project with Detroit’s Juan Atkins entitled Borderlands
While Moritz von Oswald has performed DJ sets in the United States in the past, he has never performed a solo live set — this performance for MUTEK San Francisco is his North American solo live debut
San Francisco: 2018 Montréal: 2016 (solo); 2013 (Borderlands); 2010 (Moritz von Oswald Trio); 2007 (Rhythm & Sound)
Wikipedia (Basic Channel)

WHO: Berlin-based producer, engineer and DJ (Basic Channel, Maurizio and The Moritz Oswald Trio, Rhythm & Sound, Borderland)
STYLE: Pristine, minimal insinuations of reggae, dub, jazz, classical with techno
LATEST: As Borderland: Transport (2016), Riod (2016); As Moritz Von Oswald Trio: Sounding Lines (2015)
LABELS: Basic Channel, Chain Reaction, Honest Jon’s, Tresor, Deutsche Grammophon
MORE: Has collaborated across genres with co-conspirators Mark Ernestus, Carl Craig, Max Loderbauer, Vladislav Delay, Juan Atkins, Francesco Tristano and Paul St. Hilaire
MUTEKs: With Rhythm & Sound: 2007; with Moritz Von Oswald Trio: 2010; with Borderland, 2013

A pillar of techno’s German wing — and after Kraftwerk, among the most influential contributors to the ongoing linguistic variations of contemporary electronic music — Von Oswald’s reach extends beyond music into the very physics of the sound. His pristine engineering touch established at Dubplates & Mastering continues to define the parameters of Berlin techno, dub and myriad variations, with its shuddering and subliminal low ends, dynamic range and widescreen stereo and club standards. His refined sense of musicality has taken him into realms that further the syntax between electronic experimentation, jazz and classical forms.

Born in Hamburg, he first joined the Neue Deutsche Welle movement in 1980 — defined by its avant-garde, dadaist, electronic pop and punk tendencies, in group Palais Schaumburg, which featured other notable names in German electronic music: Thomas Felhmann, Holger Hiller and F.M. Einheit among them. Later ensconced in Berlin, his production duo and label Basic Channel, with Mark Ernestus (who started the Hard Wax store and distribution company) set the tone for the Jamaican and Chicago/Detroit inspired dubbed-out techno that has so defined his legacy. A consummate collaborator, Von Oswald’s many incarnations include forays into experimental electronic jazz, classical insinuations and more explicitly informed reggae projects. Prolifically and tirelessly, Von Oswald continues to forge his own oeuvre and palette, remaining an important touchstone in the evolving vocabulary of electronic music.

An alumnus of MUTEK for several editions now, the festival is thrilled to welcome him to opening night of the 17th edition with a DJ set of exquisite and discerning selections.

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